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Toshiba Tec launches new B2B go-to-market brand as part of growth strategy
11.06.2014 - Toshiba Tec Corporation has launched a new global go-to-market brand, Together Information for its Printing Solutions Business.
Toshiba paper reusing system realises cost savings for manufacturer
23.05.2014 - Toshiba TEC Australia announces a revolutionary paper reusing system featuring an erasable toner to reduce cost in the cleanroom.
Toshiba TEC introduces DB-EA4D two-sided label printers as a green printing solution
18.07.2012 - Toshiba TEC Australia announces the launch of a new range of two-sided label printers suitable for the transport and logistics industry.
Toshiba TEC launches five new industrial barcode label printers with attractive price point
30.04.2012 - Toshiba TEC introduces a new generation of Auto ID barcode label printers at a must-buy price point.
New Toshiba BEX4 industrial label printers
01.12.2011 - Toshiba TEC Australia announces the introduction of a new range of heavy duty industrial printers designed for user-friendly operation on the production line.
Toshiba TEC Australia makes available LCD Flat Panel Display Mounts
01.09.2010 - SPACEDEC's new ergonomic LCD display mounts are suitable for home, office and commercial applications.
Toshiba TEC Australia offers the multifunctional Protech PS-6508-PPC 15" panel PC
01.09.2010 - The touch screen Protech PS-6508-PPC can be wall or pole mounted using the VESA 100 wall mount and is versatile enough to be used as a kiosk, POS terminal or digital signage.
New Toshiba TEC Australia B-852 wide web printers
30.08.2010 - The B-852 features an 8.5" 300 DPI print head, compact body and uses direct thermal transfer technology for fast print speeds of up to 4ips.
Toshiba TEC Australia offers the B-EV4T desktop printer
30.08.2010 - The B-EV4T desktop printer is suitable for fast, on-demand professional labelling and ticketing for a large variety of applications.
Transport and logistics sectors benefit from Toshiba TEC Australia’s specialist printing equipment
04.08.2010 - Specialist printing equipment from Toshiba TEC Australia provide an economical solution for customers within the transport and logistics sectors.
Z-Mode integration announced on label printers from Toshiba TEC Australia
03.08.2010 - Toshiba TEC Australia has announced the global launch of Z-Mode, freeing ZPL II users to choose robust, safe B-SX4/5 and B-SA4 RFID-ready label printers in all their operating environments.
Toshiba TEC Australia offers wireless printing solutions from Honeywell
30.07.2010 - Honeywell’s full line of scanning and wireless printing solutions is now available through their strategic business partner Toshiba TEC Australia.
Desktop Label Printer B-EV4 available from Toshiba TEC Australia
12.03.2010 - The Desktop Label Printer B-EV4 is compact and convenient; designed to fit into limited work spaces in many industries and applications.
Toshiba TEC Australia offers Industrial Barcode Label Printer B-SX8T
11.03.2010 - The B-SX8T is a wide web printer with RFID functionality, CPU technology and powerful networking capabilities.
High Quality Industrial Barcode Label Printers B-SX4T & B-SX5T by Toshiba TEC
10.03.2010 - The new B-SX4 & B-SX5 thermal transfer/direct thermal industrial label printers are “RFID Ready” and designed for printing large volumes of barcode labels, tickets or tags.
Industrial Barcode Label Printer B-SA4TM by Toshiba TEC
24.02.2010 - The Toshiba B-SA4 industrial barcode label printer provides the functionality and robustness of an industrial label printer with the compact footprint and ease of use of a desktop barcode label printer.
B-SX600 thermal label printers from Toshiba TEC Australia
15.10.2009 - Available from Toshiba TEC Australia, B-SX600 600dpi 4-inch thermal label printers offer high-performance printing and are designed for a variety of specialised printing applications.
Toshiba TEC Australia launches all-new entry level desktop label printer
13.10.2009 - Toshiba TEC Australia has added B-EV4 entry-level desktop label printers to its range of desktop thermal printers.
2” B-EP2DL and 4” B-EP4DL portable label printers from Toshiba TEC Australia
12.10.2009 - Toshiba TEC Australia introduces the 2” B-EP2DL and the 4” B-EP4DL portable label printers to extend its support of advanced mobile applications.
Portable label printers from TOSHIBA TEC Australia
05.12.2008 - TOSHIBA TEC Australia have announced the launch of 2” B-EP2DL and the 4” B-EP4DL portable label printers to extend their support of advanced mobile applications in retail, warehouse and logistics, hospitality and healthcare environments.
Toshiba TEC teams with RFIDEA to issue RFID-controlled access solutions for F1 Grand Prix
30.09.2008 - RFID solution specialists, RFIDEA, and Toshiba TEC recently teamed up for the 2008 Belgian F1 Grand Prix to implement a global secured access solution for all 300,000 expected visitors.
Thermal label printer
08.12.2005 - TOSHIBA has released a new label printer - the B-SA4T series - that provides high speed, quality thermal printing that takes into account not only the user but the environment as well. It provides a small compact footprint that is suitable for both d
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