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Portable label printers from TOSHIBA TEC Australia

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article image 2” B-EP2DL and the 4” B-EP4DL portable label printers

TOSHIBA TEC Australia  have announced the launch of 2” B-EP2DL and the 4” B-EP4DL portable label printers to extend their support of advanced mobile applications in retail, warehouse and logistics, hospitality and healthcare environments.

The new B-EP2DL and B-EP4DL portable label printers meet all requirements for integration into legacy systems, protecting customer investments. Both wired and wireless capabilities are included in the TOSHIBA TEC Australia’s designs.

Built on the success of B-SP2D printer series, the B-EP2DL and the B-EP4DL portable thermal printers have a contemporary and rugged design to meet the needs of today’s demanding mobile applications.

The B-EP2DL and B-EP4DL portable thermal printers possess the following features:

  • Lighter and Faster: Each printer is small and light (from 480g and 860g including battery) that users can wear or carry it. The EP range has a print speed of up to 4 inches per second (105mm/sec) and a high performance 32bit RISC CPU ensures fast processing. With ‘peel & present’ on demand, users can simply take a label and the next one is issued instantly
  • Durable and Robust: Portable printers can be required in various environments, so the rugged rubber corners were developed, easily passing a 1.8m drop test on to concrete (1.5m for B-EP4)
  • Simple to use: A clear backlit LCD read-out is provided on the larger Toshiba thermal printer and also in the mobile range. The backlit LCD read-out displays a label counter, battery level, wireless signal strength and error messages
  • Less media changes: The large capacity means changing media much less often, three times less often than the B-SP series. There is no core required on the rolls and hence minimal wastage
  • Power options: A new high capacity Lithium-Ion battery is part of the design, which means longer battery life while keeping weight and size to a minimum. It has an internal fast charge circuit so that the printer can be quickly recharged on the move. Optional power adapters include an AC adapter, 48V input DC adapter, 12V vehicle cigarette lighter adapter (only for the B-EP2DL portable label printer)
  • Easy Networking: The EP range is Wi-Fi certified, making easy networking to all wireless or cabled systems
  • Swift integration: The B-EP2DL and B-EP4DL label printers are Microsoft Windows compatible and feature a full range of communication interface versions including RS-232 Serial, Infrared (IrDA), USB 2.0, wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The label printer speaks many programming languages and is designed to plug and play without any software changes, whether it is a Toshiba printer using TPCL or any make using BCI (Basic Command Interpreter). Both units can handle inputs from other peripherals such as scales and scanners. The label printers support ESC/POS language

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