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B-SX600 thermal label printers from Toshiba TEC Australia

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Available from Toshiba TEC Australia , B-SX600 600dpi 4-inch thermal label printers offer high-performance printing and are designed for a variety of specialised printing applications. 

B-SX600 600dpi thermal label printers are purpose-built to be used 24/7 in heavy duty industrial manufacturing environments including electrical, wire and cable identification, health care, defense and transportation (aerospace, rail, public transport).

B-SX600 600dpi industrial thermal label printers are the domestic industrial standard for name plate printing and a strong performer in the extremely high-demanding market. With a 1200dpi micro step drive control, the positioning of the label can be easily and highly accurately controlled by using a feedback control system. The thermal laser printers have a 0.3mm accuracy of the print position in the media feed direction and can print on a 3mm label or can peel off 10mm labels. 

The ribbon is kept straight throughout by way of a ribbon control mechanism prevents the ribbon tension from changing. A media center alignment prevents unbalanced contact of the print head with the media that may cause blurred prints at the media edges. 

Built around a 32-bit RISC processor for fast data transfers and with integrated 128MB SRAM onboard, connectivity is assured with TCP-IP over Ethernet and USB 2.0 interfaces available.

B-SX600 dpi industrial printers feature intuitive user menus, easy supply loading and large LCD panel displays, tool-less maintenance and extremely easy set up. Simply load, click and print. 

B-SX600 thermal label printers are designed to be compliant with extremely strict industrial safety records: for example, an interlock switch stops all printing activity when the cover is opened; users cannot touch moving parts such as the platen roller or the cutter unit. Also, the head cover is fitted with a damper mechanism to protect users from possible injuries. TOSHIBA TEC B-SX600 600dpi industrial label printers are fully RoHS compliant. 

Industrial applications where Toshiba TEC industrial thermal laser printers can be used:

  • Life sciences: Small, high-resolution labels for vials and slides; unit-of-use labels for pharmaceutical products and packages; labels for surgical tools and diagnostic kits 
  • Electronics: Top- and bottom side circuit board labelling; serial plate labels 
  • Transportation (aerospace, rail, public transport, automotive): serial number component labelling 
  • Manufacturing: company name plate, control panel/push button, compliance shipping, rating plate 
  • Electrical, wire and cable identification: item identification, data communication patch panel, company name plate

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