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Toshiba launches the ApP Lite TZ5000 starter kit, the integrated kit for development of web applications

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Toshiba International presents two new starter kits designed for the development of web applications using ApP Lite TZ5000, an application processor incorporating a baseband function compliant with IEEE802.11ac, the standard for next generation high-speed wireless LAN. In addition to feeding raw data to the cloud, such as images captured by sensors, it also carries out efficient signal processing and extracts necessary data, contributing to reduction in data loads.

Providing various drivers for RIA (Rich Internet Applications) using HTML5, the new starter kit allows users to easily introduce embedded environments for developing media streaming devices and IoT (Internet of Things) devices among others, enabling them to reduce product time to market.

In combination with optional units such as cameras and microphones, the user can improve development efficiency for all kinds of IoT devices.

Toshiba offers two types of starter kits for meeting various application development needs. The RBTZ5000-2MA-A1 is a standard board with various expanded I/Os (camera or microphone), while the RBTZ5000-6MA-A1 is a stick type board optimised for media streaming devices.

The new starter kits facilitate easy application development, especially during the development of integrated applications that require lengthy and complicated debugging for power management and enhanced performance. The new products incorporate Toshiba's original memory scheduler, bus arbiter and adaptive power gating solution, which realise optimal memory access, bus arbitration and sophisticated power management, without software intervention.

The starter kits support various drivers for optimising multimedia playback, wireless LAN and HDMI output on OS such as Android 4.4 or Ubuntu Linux, helping to shorten the lead time of the application development for web browser using HTML5.

Shipments of the new starter kits are scheduled to start in October.

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