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Toshiba launches RF antenna switch ICs for smartphones supporting LTE-Advanced

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Toshiba International announces the new SP12T RF antenna switch ICs for smartphones supporting LTE-Advanced that achieve the lowest-level insertion loss and RF distortion in the industry.

The thriving mobile communications segment is seeing a rapid and dramatic rise in the number of RF bands and data speed rates. Used in the RF circuits of mobile devices, antenna switch ICs are increasingly leaning towards multi-port and requiring improved RF performance, including insertion loss and linearity. It is also important to achieve these RF performance improvements in a cost-effective way to meet the drastic growth of high data rate mobile communication devices in emerging markets.

Responding to these requirements, Toshiba developed TaRF6, a new generation TarfSOI (Toshiba advanced RF SOI) process using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. TarfSOI achieves integration of analogue, digital and RF circuits on a single chip, and delivers a cost-effective solution that supports highly complex switching functions and RF performance.

With the new TaRF6 process, MOSFETs customised for RF switch applications have been developed and used in the new SP12T RF antenna switch IC, leading to a performance of 0.42dB in insertion loss (f=2.7GHz) and -90dBm in second harmonic distortion. There is a 0.26dB improvement in insertion loss (f=2.7GHz) and 18dB improvement in second harmonic distortion over the previous TaRF5 process. The lower insertion loss can contribute to low power consumption of smartphones, while the lower distortion can contribute to the development of carrier aggregation smartphones that require low distortion.

Toshiba will expand the product line-up using the TaRF6 process with low insertion loss and low distortion by the end of the year to meet the requirements for multi-port and complex functions demanded in LTE now being implemented worldwide, and LTE-Advanced expected to follow. Toshiba is also considering offering SOI foundry services using TarfSOI technology.

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