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32-Bit RISC MCU family

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Toshiba has released the TX19A70 32-bit microcontroller family. The microcontrollers provide simultaneous vector motor control of inverter motors and application control for air conditioner, washing machine, and refrigerator applications.

They feature a 32-bit RISC TX19A core and include both the 32-bit MIPS32 instruction-set architecture and the MIPS16e application-specific extensions (ASE). MIPS16e is an instruction set with high code-efficiency which contains instructions added by Toshiba.

Most instructions can be executed in a single cycle of 17.8ns. Each execution unit can execute an instruction in a single cycle. For three-phase PWM output, the microcontrollers have a 16-bit width with a minimum time unit of 35.7ns, a dead timer, and an emergency shutdown protection function. The built-in A/D converter uses sequential conversion and can perform 2.36μs conversion with 10-bit resolution. The devices incorporate a variety of automatic conversion start functions that are synchronous to the PWM.

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