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Low voltage motors and variable speed drives


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10/10/05 - TO help Australian businesses remain competitive and improve their organisational cultures to retain employees, Toshiba and 17 other blue-chip Australian organisations has developed a guide to flexible working.
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19/08/05 - Toshiba claims to have developed the first configurable microprocessor capable of 1 GHz clock speed. The device is dubbed the MeP-h1 and is based on the company’s “Media embedded Processor” (MeP) architecture.
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31/08/04 - The world’s smallest Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC), capable of delivering a 100 mW, (claimed to be five times the output of any previous DMFC) has been developed by Toshiba.
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05/05/04 - Toshiba has released the TX19A70 32-bit microcontroller family. The microcontrollers provide simultaneous vector motor control of inverter motors and application control for air conditioner, washing machine, and refrigerator applications.

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