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Tosca Industries discuss importance of load capacity in a vehicle

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According to Tosca Industries , it is important for the customers to take time to list all the items they intend to carry or fit to the vehicle before purchasing any vehicle.

Not paying enough attention to weight limits is one of the common problems that Tosca Industries encounter.

It is vital for the customers to consider their budget for future mechanical repairs. Overloading a vehicle is illegal and increases the chance of damaging the vehicle and having an accident. It can also impact on insurance claims.

According to Tosca Industries, a vehicle’s load capacity refers to everything that customers put in the vehicle and anything they intend to tow. A vehicle load capacity can comprise the body, fuel tanks, toolboxes, bull bars, additional lighting, driver and passengers.

The vehicle load must also be distributed evenly and secured properly as it can make access easy. Tosca Industries observe that it is not a good idea to have all the steel fittings stored in lockers on the driver’s side.

Average weights of things that customers may want to carry/fit to their vehicle:

  • Steel tray: 175-290kg
  • Aluminium tray: 110-180kg
  • Underbody drawer: 120kg
  • Compressor (Renegade 2.5HP Twin Compressor 76L): 60kg
  • Generator (Powerchief 5.5 KVA petrol): 78kg
  • Concrete cutter: 50-180kg
  • Long range fuel tank (95L full): 140kg
  • Coffee machine: 10-80kg
  • Engel 21L portable fridge: 18kg

Tosca Industries recommend a slightly over-sized vehicle to allow for a future expansion of carrying capacity.

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