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Battery chargers and UPS from Tortech

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Tortech  offers balanced studio power supply, uninterruptible power supplies, battery chargers, line filters, power supplies, plug packs, inverters and switch mode transformers and surge and lightening mains filters.

Tortech offers fully automatic battery chargers that are suitable for most charging applications. These microprocessor controlled intelligent battery chargers offers two benefits compared to conventional battery chargers. The battery chargers offers an accurate 5 stage charging and offers additional sensitive charging cycles to extend the battery life. The battery chargers includes various features such as led indicators, wall mount design, battery type selector, full electronic protection, DC circuit breaker and AC and DC isolation. The battery chargers have a durable and a corrosion resistant design.

Tortech offers uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that keeps the systems running during power failure. Even when power is present, the UPS conditions and removes power problems such as sags, surges, spikes and electrical noise.

In addition to supplying battery chargers, Tortech also offers a wide range of transformers which includes step down transformers, toroidal transformers, ASM series-current transformers, audio transformers,, chlorinator transformers, conventional transformers, current transformers, ferrite transformers,, isolation transformers, lighting transformers, IP 67 underground transformers, mini open wound transformers, medical unit transformers, printed circuit board transformers and variable auto transformers.

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