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Tork sticks W4 wiper dispensers wherever you need them

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article image New dispenser magnet kits from Tork
Tork ® has released a unique, new Dispenser Magnet Kit that allows workers to stick Tork Performance W4 Dispensers to any metal surface so they are always within easy reach.

The clever magnets provide safe and flexible mounting on any magnetic surface without messy drilling of holes or fixing of screws. Best of all, they can be easily moved around the workplace for convenience and accessibility.

“We identified an opportunity to make our dispensers work even harder. So designed the Dispenser Magnet Kit for the heavy-duty Tork W4 dispensers used by workers in industrial sectors such as mining, the motor industry, panel beating and manufacturing,” says Executive General Manager AFH, Sid Takla.

“These workers are dealing with grease, spills, dirt, solvents or paint all day and having wipers close at hand improves their efficiency and productivity”, Sid adds.

Productivity, hygiene and safety is also enhanced by the strength and absorbency of Tork wipers and cloths which do a better job with less effort and less wipes. There’s nothing worse than slippery fingers handling sharp objects or dirty fingers ruining a pristine finish.

Tork W4 dispensers hold and array of different folded wipers and cloths from single-use wipers for basic cleaning and wiping to robust and re-usable, highly absorbent heavy-duty wipers, and from multipurpose cloths that are the perfect rag replacement to specialist cloths for sensitive cleaning and polishing. So no matter what the need, workers can have the right wiper or cloth for the job.

Tork Dispenser Magnet Kits also keep landlords and building maintenance happy as there are no drills, no holes, no worries. For the industrial sector, the Tork Dispenser Magnet Kit could well be the most valuable new business solution this year.

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