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Tork appearing for capacity crowds in venues all-over Australia.

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Whether it’s Coldplay or the Bledisloe Cup Test between Australia and New Zealand, the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and Suncorp Stadium heave with tens of thousands of patrons at any one time, and nobody wants to miss a minute… which makes interval or halftime a feat of planning and organisation.

That’s why Tork ® hygiene systems are the real performers at these venues, at least when it comes to public amenities. AEG Ogden, venue managers, have installed Tork products to keep all washrooms on site clean, tidy and restocked.

AEG Ogden operates as part of the AEG global venue network, with arenas and stadiums, convention centres and theatres across five countries in the Asia Pacific Region. In the main, it is AEG Ogden that is responsible for amenities and while the company once used many different brands in their washrooms, the drive now is for consistency and uniformity of performance and appearance.

David Stokes, Venue Presentation Manager at Suncorp and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, is personally responsible for ensuring venue presentation is of the highest possible standard. This includes choosing and maintaining the products in the many washrooms on site and David explains that Tork products have been used in both venues since 2003. The large capacity of the Tork Elevation and Aluminium dispenser systems has reduced the chance of ‘product run-out’ during an event and the general quality, reliability and availability of the products have come to be expected.

“Most AEG Ogden sites in Australia have signed a multiyear agreement to utilise Tork products” said David, “mainly due to the overall look of the washroom systems. This was one of the only ranges of dispensers that matched throughout the entire range of soap, hand towel and roll holders. This gives our washrooms a new, fresh look that we are happy with.”

In addition to the Brisbane venues, other AEG Ogden venues in NSW have installed Tork hygiene systems in their washrooms, with the Darwin and Cairns Convention Centres to follow.

Tork really do deserve top billing. Suncorp Stadium alone saw 1.2 million patrons through its gates last year and all amenities must be able to cope with such demand. The Tork hygiene systems do, offering integrated and reliable products, which not only perform and deliver on the big day, but also look great doing it.

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