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Tork Matic hand towel dispensers help Barden Produce ensure quality products

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article image TorkMatic Blue Hand Towel is easily identified and helps with food safety

Sensor-controlled hand towel dispensers from Tork Australasia are helping Barden Produce meet food safety requirements within their operation.

A farming and processing operation that promises ‘Freshness and quality without compromise’ will naturally look for quality suppliers that can help them succeed. Barden Produce recently switched to Tork to improve key hygiene areas in their facilities.

Aiming to deliver ‘Best of Market' products seven days a week, 365 days a year and have a Food Safety and Quality System in place that delivers accreditation to internationally recognised standards, Barden Produce has every site independently audited to ensure compliance to these Food Safety Standards.

Barden installed the Tork Matic hand towel dispensers with Intuition sensor and the Tork Matic blue hand towel rolls throughout their bathrooms and wash stations at the entrance to production floors.

General Manager of Barden Produce Mr Allan Dall explained that they needed to move to a blue coloured towel for food safety reasons. They were also very impressed with the quality of the dispensers as the systems addressed a number of Barden’s quality and compliance requirements including having a touch-free dispenser, readily identifiable blue towel and single use. The Tork Matic system has a sensor that dispenses a single towel, which not only improves hygiene but decreases consumption as well.

Barden delivers fresh vegetables all year round within 24 hours of harvest throughout Australia. This requires a high degree of organisation and efficiency, for which they recently acquired the Tork heavy-duty cleaning cloth as an effective cleaning aid in the busy operational sections. The cleaning cloth is used throughout their production areas for washdown and then disposed of; Dall says it’s a great alternative to other wipes that staff may be tempted to reuse.

The heavy duty nature of the cloth assists with the cleaning of work benches that are heavily soiled following vegetable processing, ensuring hygiene in the facility.

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