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Case study: Cutting manual handling risks with tough, flexible carry packs

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article image Making work a little easier with Tork Carry Packs

Tork Australasia has introduced a new packaging solution that aims to improve manual handling of its hygiene products in the cleaning industry.

Well known for its quality professional hygiene products, sustainability and smart designs, Tork has now introduced a new carry pack design for its bulk hand towels, which is poised to place the company at the forefront of workplace safety and performance. 

Manual handling is one of the biggest causes of workplace injury in Australia and New Zealand, and a significant cost to businesses. Matthew Bond, Managing Director of City Central Property Services, claims that manual handling is a major issue in the cleaning industry and welcomes any innovation that makes handling easier.

When Tork’s own research found cleaners were struggling to carry large cartons of hand towels, the company saw an opportunity to improve manual handling. Based on the brief to simplify handling of these bulk hand towels, Tork packaging designers produced the Tork Carry Packs for their most popular TorkXpress MultifoldH2 and TorkUltraslim MultifoldH4 hand towels.

Made from recyclable PE-LD plastic, the carry packs are flexible but tough, and feature handles that make it easy to carry two packs, the equivalent of two cartons at a time. 

Bond comments that the Tork Carry Packs will allow workers to simply bend their knees and grab a handle and lift rather than wrapping their arms around a box, which would tilt them forwards or off to the side and cause back problems. Bond believes his staff would be very responsive to the new packaging, adding that being able to carry a pack in each hand will keep them evenly balanced and not place as much pressure on the spine.

Tork Carry Packs also offer the added advantage of easy opening without needing to use a knife. The perforated sections on the pack can be opened by hand, making them safer to use.

Tork Carry Packs also create 84 per cent less waste than cardboard cartons with the bag scrunching down to a fist-sized ball. Bond found this feature would improve productivity immensely since cardboard boxes, unlike plastic bags take up a lot of space and are labour-intensive to pack up.

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