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Transforming garden lighting

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article image Torema’s new transformer range.

TOREMA Australia will be releasing a new range of t3 garden lighting transformers on Stand 811 during National Manufacturing Week 2006 at Sydney's Darling Harbour, from May 30 to June 2.

These new garden lighting transformers are also designed to supply low voltage electricity to power Christmas lights.

They are designed around Torema's t3 "toroidal" technology.

According to Torema, the toroidal shape allows the use of shorter lengths of copper to greatly reduce heat losses in the transformer, resulting in 60% less power usage than conventional square transformers.

These t3 transformers are also designed to run more quietly and weigh less than the old conventional square transformers.

The toroidal core consists of one continuous strip of high-grade electrical steel, so there is virtually no hum and the transformer requires approximately one-third less steel for the same power rating.

Torema's garden lighting/Christmas lighting range of t3 transformers will be available in IP ratings for outdoor use, including IP64 (splash proof), IP65 (hose proof) and IP68 (immersion proof to 1.5 m).

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