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Torema Australia Pty Ltd , established 15 years ago, has risen to become Australia's largest manufacturer of toroidal transformers.

Power capacities range from 20va up to 18KVA. All Torema transformers have a serialised part number which, using Torema’s computerised testing system, allows 100% traceability.

Torema Australia has recently released a new range of garden lighting transformers from 100va up to 500va in IP64, IP65 and IP68 using all of the advantages of toroidal transformer technology.

Torema Australia is releasing a new range of laminated transformers designed and manufactured for the switchboard manufacturer in mind.

This new range of laminated transformers consists of the primary voltage being 415volt and a tapping at 240volts and the secondary voltage has two 12volt winding.

Torema has designed the transformer in this configuration so the transformer can accommodate either 415volt or 240volt on the primary and either 12volts or 24volts.

Torema Australia currently has stocks in the following sizes: 50va, 75va, 100va, 150va, 200va and 300va.

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