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Torema releases portable isolation transformer

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Torema  has released a compact, light weight isolation transformer specifically designed for use in testing portable RCD safety switches in test and tag operations.

Isolation transformers are used when testing portable RCD safety switches. This type of transformer isolates the portable RCD under test from other RCD switches or earth leakage circuit breakers up-stream on the mains circuit (typically at the switch board).

If the portable RCD is tested without an isolation transformer then the up-stream RCD at the switchboard can trip instead of the portable RCD cutting power to many other outlets and equipment without notice.

The Torema isolation transformer reflects the requirements of the test and tag industry. Existing Isolation transformers tend to be large and bulky, often too big to fit into equipment kits for test and tag instruments.

The new design features a compact size of 11.5cm x 9cm x 7.5cm plus short supply lead, a resin filled interior for good field durability and built-in resetting thermal cut-out for overload protection.

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