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SmartGuard is patent pending technology representing a major innovation in low voltage garden lighting transformers.

Available on the Garden Power range transformers, SmartGuard from Torema , improves lamp life with a soft start function while continuously monitoring the output for overload and short circuit problems.

How does SmartGuard work?

SmartGuard provides four important features which improve garden lighting safety and reduce installation and maintenance costs.

When power is first applied, SmartGuard soft-starts the transformer and low voltage halogen lamps by applying power gradually. This controlled start-up increases lamp life and eliminates in-rush currents preventing nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.

SmartGuard continuously monitors the transformer output for overload conditions reacting instantly if there is a problem. Overloading can occur when low wattage lamps are accidentally replaced with high wattage lamps causing regular transformers to overheat.

SmartGuard immediately detects overloading and controls the output current to ensure the transformer maintains a safe operating temperature.

If low voltage garden wiring is shorted, SmartGuard responds immediately preventing dangerous high currents melted wiring and overheated transformers. On detecting a short, SmartGuard controls the fault current to a safe level and disables the transformer output if the short persists.

Finally, SmartGuard features a tri-colour status light allowing problems to be determined over the phone reducing the requirement for on-site diagnostic visits.

Garden Power garden lighting transformers are available in two styles. The AmphibianTM model is IP67 rated and features a 240V plug and lead for DIY applications.

The IP65 rated SD-TransformerTM is designed for fixed wiring applications and features separately mounted base to speed up wiring and to prevent accidental transformer damage. Garden Power transformers are available in a range of power ratings from 50VA to 500VA and higher.

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