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Toradex  specialises in the development, production and the distribution of miniaturised embedded computers based on Intel and Marvell XScale and X86 processors. Toradex offers computer modules, computer carrier boards, USB sensors, add on products, motor drives and support packages. Toradex provides a wide range of off-the-shelf support packages for Colibri customers.

Toradex was established in 2003 and distributes its products and services over the Internet. Toradex products are used in automotive, medical devices, laboratory equipment, point of sales, gaming machines, navigation systems, musical instruments, machine control, virtual reality simulation, public signage, traffic control systems, building automation, security systems, robotics, process control and auto pilots. Toradex computer modules are also very popular with universities and research labs.

The Colibri product family from Toradex is based on Intel and Marvell XScale processors. Colibri modules are high miniaturised complex hardware and software technology that provides fast and easy product development. Colibri computer modules are equipped with a sophisticated development environment for Windows CE, including the standard Colibri Evaluation Board and Toradex' fully customised Windows CE 5.0/6.0 BSP. All Colibri products from Toradex are pin compatible.

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