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Sophisticated machine tools from Top Spec Machines

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Top Spec Machines , established in 2001, sells CNC machines in Australia. Top Spec Machines employ work engineers and specialist engineers trained in fields of electrical, mechanical, CNC programming and electronics engineering at their factory of Europe and Japan.

Top Spec Machines offers Amada's newly released Turret Punch Press, which is available in two models, the AC 255NT and the AC 2510NT. The AC 255NT is space saving, auto reposition, economic and it can process a full size sheet of 1270mm x 2500mm. The AC 2510NT is used in the processing of full sized sheet without interruption of 1270mm x 2500mm. The configurations of both AC 255NT and AC 2510NT are available in three different Turrets which are 45 station with 4 auto index; 51 station with 4 auto index; 58 station with 2 auto index and the speed of punching is 900 hits per minute.

Another product offered by Top Spec Machines is Amada High Quality Tooling available for both Turret Press brakes and Punch presses. Top Spec Machines also offers a number of NC controlled and fully automatic bandsaws. The Amada, Way train and Singular Companies bandsaws are available with the Top Spec Machines.

The fully NC controlled Way train, available from Top Spec Machines come with a total package LX 250NC of standard accessories and includes the variable speed blade control. The NC controlled cutting is ideal for different lengths on the same job, there are chip conveyors and chip charts, the dual shuttle vise system comes with full stroke cylinders, a variable vise pressure control, bundle cutting clamps and 2 metre roller table.
The bandsaw of Singular Machinery, available from Top Spec Machines comes with the following features. The product has a double column design for extra stability at the time of cutting, the NC Control allows multiple length cut on the same workpiece.

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