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200 Amp AC / DC TIG Welder from Tokentools

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The Tokentools TIG200E inverter welders are portable AC / DC TIG / Stick / Arc inverter welders which output double inverse squarewave and pure DC welding currents. Using the AC ouput enables welding of aluminium or its alloys, you get full balance control/clean width control to ensure you obtain the correct proportions of cleaning action versus penetration. In DC mode you can weld just about any other type of metal. Welding with pure DC provides additional heat when compared to the old style transformer welders. An IGBT power transistor matrix is used in the inverter core along with a generator safe rectifier circuit. A second stage IGBT power pack provides the neccessary kit to get your AC output humming along. The TIG200E has a maximum TIG welding current of 200 Amps at a huge 60% duty cycle. The maximum stick welding current is 160 Amps enabling the use of 4.0mm stick electrodes and weld capability of mild steel to 12mm. The machine is turbo cooled with a large 5 blade 175mm high speed fan.

Whilst this model does not have pulse welding control built in, unless you are primarily working with materials at less than 1mm thickness it is not a neccessary feature. Features this machine does have are pre flow gas control, amperage control, balance. clean width control, down slope and post flow, HF arc start with electrical gas control and a digital read out. Throw away your scratch TIG and embrace our professional AC/DC TIG Series.

The Tokentools TIG200E is covered by our Nationwide 12 Month Parts and Labour Policy. In addition to our Warranty you also receive our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Our confidence in our products is such that we guarantee a full refund if you find this product does not fullfill the performance and quality detailed in our descriptions.

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