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Multi use tie downs from Tite-Tie Industries

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Tite-Tie Industries  offers nylon ropes and webbing straps. Tite-Tie is a patented tool that creates tension on a line and helps in enhancing cargo control during transportation. The tie down is designed to work with both common rope sizes and webbing and offers the same mechanical advantage as a trucker’s knot. The tie down is quick and easy to use, strong and long lasting and has no moving parts. The tie down has a load capacity of 900 kilograms and can be fixed to all types of ropes, ranging from 12 millimeters to 3 millimeters.

Tite-Tie from Tite-Tie Industries works just like a truckies knot and is a multi use tie down that is designed to work with ropes and webbing. The tool is ideal to use with trailers, utes, trucks and pickups and for all types of tie down needs. The tool can also be used with tents, awnings, marquees and tarps for extra strong holding power. The Tite-Tie maintains its hold even when the rope is wet and makes it an ideal choice for all marine use. Tite-Guy is another type of rope slider from Tite-Tie Industries which is sturdy, durable and can withstand strong winds

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