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Hydraulic torque wrenches

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article image Design combines ease of motion with safety.

TITAN Technologies has released the LP series of hydraulic torque wrenches, designed with an extremely low profile and engineered to fit the tightest applications and provide power, reliability and performance.

The ratchet tooth design offers durability and accuracy. The wrenches hold the wind-up in bolt or stud to ensure full efficiency of the next stroke.

An energy dispersion system eliminates piston and cylinder damage caused by the piston striking the cylinder end without cushioning. A wide track ratchet pawl mechanism distributes stress better than other designs for longer tool life and reduced repair costs.

Aluminium - bronze drive bushings reduce friction between side plates and the ratchet and prevent gawling of side plates for longer service life. The wrenches are designed using finite element analysis, ensuring quality and lower total cost of ownership.

The Titan Tru-Swivel multi-axis design combines ease of motion with safety. The LP series also comes with a range of accessories including step down sleeves, sockets, extended reaction arms, square drive adaptors and side reaction arms.

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