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Tin Can Telecom  offers microwave systems, mobile telephones and two-way radio products to customers located in Australia. The professional staffs of Tin Can Telecom are involved in each and every aspect of contact project delivery starting from testing of coverage, setting up of system, communications management and event support. Tin Can Telecom offers products such as wireless broadband, two-way radios and Vodafone. Tin Can Telecom offers two-way radios of brands such as Motorola, Entel and Kenwood. Tin Can Telecom provides wireless broadband brands such as Telsta, Unwired and iBurst. Tin Can Telecom also offers computer products of brands like Apple and Acer.

The Motorola two-way radios from Tin Can Telecom, includes models such as Motorola GM338, Motorola GP328, Motorola GP339, Motorola MCX760, Motorola MTX900, Motorola PTX700 and Motorola PTX760. Motorola GM338 two-way radios from Tin Can Telecom includes features such as 14 characters 1-line alphanumeric display which makes it easier to read if they are displayed in text and icon form. Motorola GM338 has 128-channel operating capability. Motorola GM338 offers crisp, clear and strong audio quality with voice compression and low level expansion technology. The four customizable buttons system in Motorola GM338 enables one-touch easy access and so on.

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