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TIEMAN Industries has released the Tieman Smart Chock, designed to reduce injuries and accidents at loading docks, comply with workplace health and safety regulations and save companies time and money.

Dale Tieman, Tieman Industries, said the Smart Chock would help companies graduate to the next level of loading dock safety through improved risk management.

"The Tieman Smart Chock has no moving parts and the door activated convergent photo eye senses the position of the door and communicates to the driver whether loading is in progress," Mr Tieman said.

"Convergent photo eyes are also built into the chock handle and base and sense if the wheel is safely chocked. These conditions are then clearly communicated through appropriate LED lights to the truck drivers, forklift drivers and dock workers," he said.

The external panel has three LED panel colours that in turn indicate varying stages of the loading procedure and ultimate safety conditions.

Additional features include a high strength aluminium wheel chock with an ergonomic handle. Both the chock base and handle have been designed with dual convergent photo eyes to maximise safety.

Smart Chocks are supplied with an external communication LED panel that features direct focus ultra bright flashing lights for signalling the truck driver and 180-degree internal LED lights to communicate the loading conditions for the forklift driver and other dock workers.

The low voltage Smart Chock can also interlock with electro/hydraulic or pneumatic dock levellers ensuring that:

* The dock leveller must be in position.

* The dock door must be open.

* The visual communication panels are on.

* The truck must be chocked before loading is allowed to proceed.

The new stable of Tieman products includes the Smart Chock, Versa Light, Safe Barrier Lip, Multi Chock, Sentry Safety Gate, Aerotec Fan, TKO Knock Out Doors, Handy Chock, Pallet Bumper and Safety Signal, Star Truck Restraint, Surface Chock Restraint Auto Chock Restraint and the Hold Safe Stabiliser.

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