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THE TKO Knockout dock door series from Tieman Industries has been designed for impact resistance. The range consists mainly of four doors.

The HeavyWeight dock door is said to be the strongest dock door available. The door is suitable for heavy traffic doorways and dock areas where forklifts handle bulky products.

The WelterWeight is said to offer doorway convenience and efficiency. The door includes spring-loaded steel guidance pins and rugged insulated panels.

The CruiserWeight is said to offer total knockout protection for dock doorways. It is suitable for standard dock door applications by securing the doorway while capturing HVAC energy. The insulated panels and door-mounted seals rise clear of traffic when the door opens.

For cold storage and perishable docks the ThermalWeight dock door has insulated panels and a full-perimeter seal. The panel-mounted gasket is protected from tearing for a reliable seal and easy-to-clean panels meet requirements for food handling facilities.

All-plastic Impact-A-Track guide track bends but does not break on impact and are said to ensure smooth door operation. Track V-Groove permits door to be knocked out, but not pushed in, for doorway security and wind resistance.

The series has spring-loaded steel plungers and under normal operation, no moving parts.

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