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ThoroughTec Simulation Pty Ltd specialise in underground and surface mining simulators, construction simulators and military simulators for haul trucks, dump trucks, ADTs, drill rigs, excavators, shovels, bulldozers, loaders, draglines, graders, drill rigs, roof bolters, loaders, ADTs, XLP dozers, locomotives and scalers.


Supplier news
02/02/16 - ThoroughTec Simulation has been engaged to develop a high fidelity CYBERMINE training simulator for deployment in Indonesia.
Supplier news
16/09/14 - ThoroughTec Simulation will be demonstrating their advanced fourth generation CYBERMINE simulator at the upcoming IMARC in Melbourne, Australia.
Supplier news
26/05/14 - ThoroughTec Simulation Pty Ltd has introduced over 20 new high-fidelity Cybermine simulator cab models over the last 18 months.

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58 Jersey Street
VIC 6014
Tel: 08 9387 5117
Fax: 08 9387 5114

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