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Tekran offers mercury monitoring systems

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Tekran through Thomson Environmental Systems offers ambient, stack, process and laboratory mercury monitoring systems.
Tekran Model 2537A performs continuous, unattended measurements of total gaseous mercury (TGM) in ambient air, with an update rate as low as 2.5minutes and a detection limit of 0.1 ng/m3.
The Tekran Mercury Analyser utilises gold cartridge capture combined with atomic fluorescence. Hgo is collected onto a pure gold collection cartridge, (no memory effect). Mercury is then thermally desorbed (with zero air as a carrier gas, eliminating any interference), and the sample is passed into the reaction chamber where Hgo levels are detected using atomic fluorescence. An optical feedback loop for constant lamp intensity and optical path Argon purge provide a stable and reliable detector.
A dual cartridge method is used. Allowing one cartridge to sample and collect while the other is being desorbed and analysed, yielding continuous sampling of the input stream.
Automatic calibration is possible using a Mercury permeation source, which allows for extended, unattended operation. Manual calibration is also possible. Mercury can be introduced into the sample and detected among the gas matrix. This is an important feature to prove that there is no interference from other compounds present in the gas sample stream.
Options are also available for measurement of Reactive Gaseous Mercury (RGM) or Ionic Mercury and Particulate Bound Mercury (HgP).

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