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New flow calibrators from BIOS

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Thomson Environmental Systems , BIOS recently released two new flow calibrators that can be used to calibrate the flow of a wide range of instruments including air quality monitors and personal sampling pumps. The BIOS defender flow calibrator and BIOS definer flow calibrator ranges are based on proven dry cal technology and offer improvements on their previous well know DC Lites and DC 2s.

The BIOS Defender 510 is a volumetric primary flow standard calibrator. The dry cal technology removes the need for preparation or messy soap bubble solution and allows for hands-free continuous measurements and gives the ability to calibrate pumps under suction or positive pressure. 

The BIOS Defender 520 offers all the features of the Defender 510 with an enhanced audit trail. The Defender 520 primary standard flow calibration simultaneously measure flow, and records temperature and pressure for defendable, accurate data. The accuracy of the BIOS Defender 510 and 520 is one per cent volumetric.  

The BIOS Definer 220 is a true volumetric primary flow standard based on the principle of positive displacement. The instrument provides immediate indication of the actual gas flow rate, accurately and independently of the gas type. It also includes integrated temperature and pressure sensors in the flow stream so standard conditions are compensated for. The accuracy of the BIOS Definer 220 is one per cent standardised and 0.75 per cent volumetric.

Available flow ranges include:

  • Low 5ml-500ml/min
  • Medium 50ml-5,000ml/min
  • High 300ml- 30,000ml/min

All instruments are lightweight (around 820g) and small enough to fit in a user’s hand. Measurement units are user selectable. 

BIOS offers optional Windows based software which allows the user to download calibration data in real time, display and graph result on a PC and save data as a text file. There is also extended option for an audit trail which includes a comprehensive pump database, complete with pump profiles, printable calibration reports and more.  

All Bios Defenders and Definers meet the highest quality assurance standards for gas flow measurement uncertainty including ISO 17025, ANSI Z-540 and NIST 150 laboratory accreditation by NVLAP.

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