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NO/NO2/NOx CEM gas monitor

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article image The high level Teledyne API M200EH gas monitor.

THE Teledyne API M200EH extractive gas analyser is capable of measuring NOx 0-5000ppm, using Chemiluminescent technology.

Available from Thomson Environmental Systems , the M200EH is suitable for extractive and dilution CEM, stack testing and process control.

Molycon and Mini-Hicon NO2 converters handle tough applications such as combustion turbine start up and continuous operation monitoring.

Top mounted subassemblies and hinged front and rear panels simplify module replacement and maintenance.

A standard permeation dryer on the ozone generator provides dry air, and excess ozone is removed by catalytic reaction, eliminating the need for charcoal and desiccant (expendables).

Other features include: continuous self checking alarms, auto ranging concentrations, built-in dada acquisition and internal memory, RS232 and Ethernet communications, signal filter to optimise response time and converter efficiency correction software.

An optional O2 sensor is also available.

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