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Multi gas analyser for emission control monitoring

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THE new IS-5 from Gasmet Technologies is an in-situ continuous multi gas analyser, utilising proven FTIR technology.

The IS-5, available from Thomson Environmental Systems , is designed for CEM and process control applications. FTIR technology allows for simultaneous quantification of up to 50 different gas components including H20, CO2, CO, SO2, NO, NO2, N2O, HF, HCL, NH3, VOC's, Hydrocarbons and Formaldehyde. (Libraries are available for 300 different compounds). Speciation of VOC's is also possible.

Measurement capabilities range from low PPMs up to percent levels. Concentrations of several difference compounds can be measured within seconds.

The Gasmet in-situ includes Fourier Transformer Infrared Spectrometer, sample cell (directly inserted into the sample gas flow) and signal processing electronics.

The Gasmet In-situ FTIR offers excellent calibration stability, simple operation and low cost maintenance.

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