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Multi-component FT-IR gas analysers

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THE Gasmet gas analyser available from Thompson Environmental Services , is a powerful instrument that can be used for a diverse range of applications.

It can perform simultaneous measurement of both organic and inorganic compounds, as well as analyse hot, wet, corrosive gas streams.

Measurement capabilities range from low concentrations of (g/m3 up to percentage levels. Concentrations of several different compounds can be measured within seconds.

A corrosion resistant sample cell can be heated up to a temperature of 200°C, eliminating the additional need for complicated sample or water vapour removal systems.

One Gasmet gas analyser replaces many single component analysers providing better mobility, easier and faster setup, high reliability, easier calibration, better selectivity and identification of unknown components.

The Gasmet on-site series of gas analysers allows the power of laboratory FT-IR to be taken to the measurement site in a rugged portable form. This allows multi component, real-time measurements to be made on site.

Furthermore, the user has only one instrument to calibrate and maintain. Thus the maintenance and operation costs will remain low in comparison to conventional single component analysers.

Features of the Gasmet analyser include easy operation, fast measurements, excellent calibration stability, simultaneous quantification of 50 different gas components, reliable technology, portable yet rugged, reproducible and accurate results (TUV certified), wide measurement ranges, low detection limits, automated cross interference corrections, quantitative and qualitative analysis capability, simple and low cost maintenance, sample gas temperature of 40°C to 200°C and voltage 12V dc or 100-250V ac.

Common application areas are continuous emission monitoring, process gas analysis, quality control, workplace air monitoring, hospital measurements, hydrocarbon measurements, catalyst research, measurements for semiconductor industry and emergency rescue services.

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