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LightHawk 560 Opacity/Dust monitor available from Thomson Environmental Systems

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The LightHawk 560 Opacity/Dust monitor by Teledyne Monitor Labs is designed to comply and exceed EPA PS-1 and ASTM D6216. The LightHawk 560 will operate accurately in stack gas temperatures of up to 815C (with high temp option), and allows for auto zero and span calibration, and lens dirt compensation.

LightHawk 560 contains an electronically modulated, intensity controlled LED. Light from the LED is projected from the optical head across the stack/duct to a retro-reflector on the opposite side of the stack.

Light is reflected and re-enters the optical head, where it is evaluated by a signal detector. A clear stack allows 100% light transmission (0% Opacity), when the stack passes no light the transmission is 0% (100% opacity). Dust loading can be calculated by correlating opacity against the reference method.

The LightHawk 560 consists of:

Optical head and Retro-reflectors - constructed of stainless steel and heavy gauge aluminium, finished with acid resistant enamel for protection against harsh environments. The unit is designed to withstand substantial shock, vibration, and to operate without interference from the sunlight.

The optical head also contains an electronic keypad, allowing the user to perform clear-stack zeroing, zero/span setup, window dirt calculations, input dust load correlations data and access diagnostics on the stack without the use of potentiometers.

Purge Unit - to protect instrument from stack gases (optional fail safe shutters available).

Remote Display Panel- used for display, operation and alarm outputs in a control room or at the base of the stack.

Calibration Kit - for verification of correct operation.

The LightHawk 560 is available from Thomson Environmental Systems .

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