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A NEW range of ambient and process gas analysers has been released by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI), represented by Thomson Environmental Systems .

This new range of analysers utilises the latest communication and data storage technology, while also focusing on cost of ownership and ease of maintenance.

By expanding the microprocessor capability to radically increase data storage the E Series can store up to 999,999 averages or diagnostics readings, or 5 minute averages for almost 10 years.

The new near-universal power supply used in the analysers reduces the weight of the units considerably as they are smaller and lighter than the older style. These also generate less heat, resulting in a lower box temperature.

Flow is measured by mass flow meters, to increase the accuracy of readings.

The unit layout has been redesigned to allow easier access to components. Technician-friendly features, such has the tilted particulate filter holder, which allows faster and easier filter changes, are prevalent through the range and reflect TAPI's commitment to product improvement.

The new design has allowed an increased commonality of parts between units, including motherboards, power supply and pumps, resulting in lower consumables and spare parts levels for the end-user.

The input/output board is multi-functional and options now include RS232, RS485, Ethernet and analogue. The Ethernet connection has the ability to assign an IP/TCP address and allows connection directly to the web.

The baud rate of the units is a maximum of 115K, representing the fastest downloads possible from the analysers' internal data acquisition systems. Operating an analyser remotely, using these rates means the virtual analysers respond almost instantly.

The A Series of analysers have US EPA approval to operate between 5°C and 40°C. The E Series also offers this operating temperature range.

The E Series is currently undergoing the rigorous US EPA Approval process. TAPI is confident approval will be granted.

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