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02/CO in-situ analyser

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Comtec 6000 is an innovative in-situ O2 and CO (combustibles) flue gas and process gas analyser, available from Thomson Environmental Systems . The combustible sensor uses ‘leak-proof’ zirconia cell technology and will operate in flue gas temperatures up to 1400°C. Versions are available for installation in hazardous locations.

The Comtec 6000 is suitable for flue gas monitoring and process control in the cement, power generation, paper, incineration, petrochemical and other industries. The probe installs directly inside the duct for direct and continuous dual readings of O2 and CO, without the need for expensive sample conditioning systems.

The analyser can easily be installed as a stand alone instrument or as a retrofit upgrade to an existing system. It is designed to be maintenance free, with minimal calibration requirements and user friendly operation.

Measurement principle

O2 is measured using the zirconium oxide principle and the Nernst equation. Process gas flows around the outside of a measurement probe which is sealed off, by means of a heated zirconium-oxide measuring cell. Reference gas with a known O2 concentration flows around the measuring cell from the inside. At an optimum temperature a voltage in mV is created between the two surfaces of the cell. At a constant temperature in the cell this voltage is dependent only on the ratio of O2 concentration. Enotec's leak proof seal between the reference gas and process gas prevent any distortion of the measurement result.

CO is measured using the Ga2O3 principle. Metal oxide sensors consist of an active layer whose resistance changes when exposed to the gas being measure. This changing resistance is gripped by electrodes and is proportional to the CO concentration. Ga2O3 sensors show fast response time, low cross sensitivity and stable long-term sensor properties.

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