Thomson Environmental Systems

TES supply and commission, ambient and process in-situ and extractive gas analysers and sensors (including O2, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2) and dust monitors for process and emissions monitoring.


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09/06/09 - Gasmet DX4030 is a lightweight FTIR gas analyser for ambient air analysis. The gas analyser is designed for applications where a number of compounds need to be accurately monitored in ambient air. Gas
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30/10/08 - The Flow Choice High Volume Air Sampler manufactured by Thomson Environmental Systems allows for validated sampling of dust particles in ambient air.
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01/10/08 - The XACT Continuous Heavy Metals (in air) Analyser, available from Thomson Environmental Systems, has the ablility to measure continuously up to 20 heavy metals in near real time.
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24/09/08 - The Optical Flow Sensor (OFS), available from Thomson Environmental Systems, is a continuous flow measurement system for small and large stacks and ducts.
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