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Extension springs and pressed components from Thomas Marsh & Co

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Thomas Marsh & Co  manufactures an extensive range of compression springs and extension springs. Thomas Marsh & Co also has a stock of presses and other equipment which is all backed up by a well equipped in-house tooling department.

Thomas Marsh & Co manufactures and maintains equipment to produce a wide range of items from small spring clips, such as stainless steel spacing links, to larger brackets and other pressed components that stretch up to 2 metres in length. Thomas Marsh & Co is also engaged in manufacturing complex items in materials such as spring stainless steel, painted aluminium as well as the more common steel strip materials.

In addition to supplying a wide range of compression and extension springs, wires and press and strip products, Thomas Marsh & Co also provides in-house design, prototype, jobbing and tool room services. Thomas Marsh & Co has also developed an extensive range of automated equipment to economically produce high volume runs such as trampoline springs.

Thomas Marsh & Co offers immediate response to urgent client requests during emergency situations and produces one-off and small run items. Thomas Marsh & Co also provides computer-based testing and monitoring services.

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