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Compression and extension springs from Thomas Marsh & Co

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Thomas Marsh & Co  specialises in manufacturing quality extension, compression, torsion springs, wires and press and strip products. Thomas Marsh & Co manufactures an extensive range of compression springs. Some of the compression springs include automatic high-speed coilers for effective large volume production or 1 or 2 specific springs for any urgent requirements. The compression springs resists applied compression forces by utilising the energy that they store within. The compression springs are made from round wire and are normally cylindrical in shape. A compression spring may be coiled left or right hand along with several end options.

Thomas Marsh & Co offers extension springs that resists a pulling force exerted against it through energy stored. The extension springs are made from round wire and are close-wound with some initial tension. Thomas Marsh & Co produces a complete range of extension springs, ranging from small hearing aid and lock springs to large agricultural equipment springs.

Thomas Marsh & Co responds to urgent client requests in fast turnaround and emergency situations, produces one-off and small run items, and provides computer-based testing and monitoring services.

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