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Novafuse fusible PVC pipes for continuous trenchless pipelines

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Novafuse fusible PVC pipes available in Australia from Iplex Pipelines are widely used in modern water systems, offering engineers the advanced option of continuous trenchless pipelines.  

Fusible PVC pipes enable superior thermoplastic pipe solutions to cover a wide range of applications from trenchless pressure pipe to non-pressure applications.  

Ideal for use in numerous trenchless or conventional open cut installations, Novafuse fusible PVC pipe systems allow the installation of a continuous, monolithic, seal-ring free PVC pipe. Fusible PVC pipelines find application in pressure and non-pressure pipelines for drinking water, wastewater, electrical, industrial and telecommunications industries.  

Nigel Jones, Business Development Manager for the industry movement, Think Pipes. Think PVC explains that while trenchless pipe technology itself isn’t new in Australia, engineers facing the constant challenge of rehabilitating dated infrastructure or constructing new projects in busy community areas find trenchless PVC pipelines an excellent way to minimise impact disruptions while executing a seamless project on time and within budget.  

Key advantages of Novafuse fusible PVC pipes:  

  • Only small excavations required with the overall installation being completed using pre-drilled board holes or an existing pipeline
  • Superior solution for sliplining, where new PVC pipes are inserted into old pipe systems requiring rehabilitation
  • Trenchless technology allows rehabilitation of aging pipelines without digging up the entire pipe system
  • Restores both the structural integrity and flow speed of existing pipes
  • Walls thinner than alternative materials provide virtually the same pressure rating and hydraulic capacity
  • Significantly higher tensile strength enables higher safe pulling stress
  • Sustainable benefits from using PVC over alternative materials
  • Overall cost savings from reduced installation costs due to lightweight pipes and reduced overall pipe dimensions
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