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Thermon unveils three metre Crankcase Heater

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Thermon has unveiled three (3) metre Crankcase Heater, thus extending Thermon’s Crankcase Heaters range. The Crankcase Heater offers 3 metres of heated length. Both the original 2 metre Crankcase heater and the 3 metre heater have terminated ends, and can be readily installed with a one metre power lead.
Thermon’s range of ready to install Condensate Drain Heaters has also been extended and is available in 1 metre, 1.5 metre, 3.5 metre and 4.5 metre lengths. The Condensate Drain Heaters are fully overjacketed and terminated for use in metal or plastic piping arrangements.
·       Crank Case Heaters: Already terminated and including a power lead and plug, the CCH-2 is designed to maintain the temperature of crankcases. Helps to extend compressor life by keeping oil at safe operating temperatures.
·       Drain Heaters: Already terminated and overjacketed, the CDH-2 comes in various lengths, ready for direct immersion into condensate drains.

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