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Heat tracing solutions from Thermon Australia for the mining industry

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article image Thermon’s heat tracing solutions for the mining industry

Heat tracing solutions by Thermon Australia primarily find application in the mining industry in two distinct areas, mining and extraction as well as mineral processing.  

Thermon offers over 55 years of heat tracing design and application experience, providing a full range of electric, steam and instrumentation heat tracing products that address a wide variety of heating requirements in the mining and mineral processing industries.  

Mining and extraction:  

Mining and extraction areas have limited process requirements with the need for heat tracing systems arising out of freezing ambient temperatures.  

Thermon provides winterisation utilising electric heat tracing of slurries, product handling chutes and conveyers as well as potable/ non potable water in pipes, tanks and instrumentation.  

Mineral processing:  

Mineral processing involves a number of potential heat tracing applications where Thermon’s heat tracing solutions are employed.  

Applications include:  

  • Ammonium nitrate (in manufacturing and storage)
  • Grease (storage and pipe work for servicing of trucks and equipment)
  • 49% sodium hydroxide (pH control in water treatment)
  • Acids (leaching of gold)
  • Black liquor (alumina processing)
  • Environmental precipitator/ fly ash control
  • Continuous emissions monitoring of stack gas, magnesium and shale oil processing
  • Fuel gas pipe work prior to turbines
  • Heavy fuel oil

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