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Commercial and industrial electric heat tracing systems from Thermon Australia

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Thermon manufactures the widest variety of electric heat tracing cables and control systems in the world.

Thermon's products are categorised into following types:
  • Industrial electric heat tracing
  • Commercial electric heat tracing
  • Steam heat tracing
  • Hot water temperature maintenance
Thermon's self-regulating heating cables increase power as temperatures fall, and decreases as temperatures rise. This type of heat tracing systems is recommended for metallic and non-metallic piping and tanks.

The power-limiting heating cables are designed specifically for process temperature maintenance or freeze protection where high maintain temperatures or high temperature exposure is required.

The parallel constant watt heating cables are designed specifically for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance of piping, tanks and equipment.

There are two basic types of Series constant watt heating cables: Flexible, polymer-jacketed cable for longer tracing circuits, and Semi-rigid, metal jacketed, mineral insulated cables for high temperature service.

Approved for use in non-classified areas and hazardous (classified) areas, Thermon’s MIQ mineral insulated cables are manufactured using Alloy 825, a high nickel/chromium alloy. This makes it ideally suited for high temperature service that offers exceptional resistance to stress corrosion in chloride, acid, salt and alkaline environments.

The ThermTrac skin effect system is suited for long pipeline heating applications involving movement of materials to and from tank farms, process units and loading/unloading facilities.

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