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Thermofilm Australia introduces new series air conditioners

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Thermofilm Australia  has introduced the next generation of ELEXA air conditioners. The range now includes: standard and inverter wall splits, quick connect wall splits and high static cassette air conditioners, is of high quality and offers the latest in enhanced technology.

ELEXA standard and inverter reverse cycle split system air conditioners:

With a high tech design and user friendly remote control operation; the ELEXA wall splits are available in 5 standard models ranging from 2.3kW to 8.0kW capacity and 2 inverter models. (ELEXA12H 3.3kw unit offers 6 star cooling and 5.5 star heating).

The greatly enhanced technology includes: electrostatic fibre filter that works with the active carbon and dust filter to enhance air quality; hydrophilic aluminium fins improves heat efficiency and lowers power consumption; an anti-rust outdoor cabinet, is resistant to corrosion and great for coastal areas; trapeziform innergroove copper helps improve heat exchange efficiency and keeps power consumption down.

Noise levels are reduced, due to a large diameter cross flow fan that also helps maintains airflow and an easily removed front panel makes cleaning easy.

There is also a four bend heat exchanger that improves energy efficiency through an expanded heat exchange area.

A standard feature of the ELEXA 24H and 30H is the soft-starter kit that ensures a lower starting current to help to protect your home’s electrical system from overloading.

In addition there is a self diagnosis and auto protection function that ensures any errors are detected and displayed by the LEDS on the indoor unit.

Protection and shutdown is immediately established. Lastly in the event of a power failure there is an auto-restart function that returns the unit back to its original setting once power is restored.

ELEXA quick connect split system air conditioner:

Boasting the same features as the standard and inverter wall splits, this 2.6kW model is ideal for bedrooms.

The ELEXA quick connect is fast and easy to install and relocate. There are no special tools required to install. In fact, everything you need is included (4m of precharge copper tube and additional tools provided!) helping you save time and increase productivity.

ELEXA high static cassette air conditioners:

There are 3 cassette models ranging from 6.5kW, 10kW and 12.8kW to suit all commercial requirements.

With its slimline indoor panel of the ceiling mounted ELEXA cassette it blends easily with any interior décor. The ELEXA high static cassette air conditioner is also equipped with a 4 way directional air flow louver, to ensure comfortable air distribution and circulation within the room.

In addition, there is a user friendly remote control operation that allows you to preset temperature, air flow, and adjust timer operations with the handheld remote control.

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