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Australians love hard workers, especially ones that help increase their enjoyment of life, and do not cost the earth to run such as the new range of ELEXA air conditioners.

The new ELEXA M range by Thermofilm Australia is a MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) compliant, constant speed, high wall split system air conditioner, with a star energy rating at an economical price point.

Featuring a 5.5 and 5 star energy rating respectively, the ELEXA - 09M and ELEXA - 12M models have been crowned Top Energy Saving Award Winners (TESAW) 2006, by the Australian Government website. This is great news for people on the look out for energy efficient products.

The ELEXA range has many high quality features, from the hydrophilic aluminium fins, helping extend the life of the unit and making servicing easy; to the anti-rust outdoor cabinet, which can survive coastal conditions and the trapeziform innergroove copper, which help improve heat exchange efficiency and keeps power consumption down.

The reverse cycle split system is low noise with a large diameter cross flow fan that reduces noise while maintaining airflow.

Air quality is also enhanced with the electrostatic fibre filter helping attract carbon and dust, making the internal environment pleasant and ideal for allergy sufferers.

The stylish air conditioner has an easy-to-use remote control application that does not need an aeronautical degree to operate. Ideal for people, who are sick of having to get the manual every time they need to use an appliance.

The air conditioner even detects errors, displays them on the LEDS on the indoor unit and goes into protection mode to help eliminate the risk of damage.  

In the event of a power failure, a memory function returns the unit to its previous setting, saving the user from having to reset.

It is easy to look after with a front panel that can be quickly removed and cleaned with minimum fuss, ensuring the unit operates well. The ELEXA range has been designed to work hard.

There are 6 model sizes available at 2.60kw (ELEXA-09), 3.40kw (ELEXA-12), 5.00kw (ELEXA-18), 6.30kw (ELEXA-21), 7.00kw (ELEXA-24). The large model at 9.00kw (ELEXA-36) is suitable for small commercial applications.

Other features include:
* Four bend heat exchanger
* Trapeziform innergroove copper
* Hydrophillic aluminium fan
* Low noise air flow system
* Valve protection cover
* Flexible wiring connection

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