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THE IMI sensors division of PCB Piezotronics now offers a family of 4-20mA devices, available from Davidson Measurement , for vibration monitoring of plant and process machinery in all types of environments.

Included are vibration sensors, signal conditioners, power supplies, alarm and indicator/alarm modules, enclosures and accessories, all supported by 24-hour global customer service and a total satisfaction guarantee.

When the vibration of bearings, gears, and running speed is monitored, excessive wear and potential failure can be identified, and catastrophic failure or unscheduled downtime may be prevented.

Overall vibration levels represented by 4-20mA signals are monitored by IMI devices, with threshold points providing the judgement for alarm, control, or shutdown. These signals may be interfaced with existing PLC, DCS, alarm, control, and SCADA equipment.

Signal conditioners convert dynamic ICP sensor signals into 4-20mA analogue signals representing rms or peak values; loop-powered 4-20mA sensors are available with peak velocity, rms velocity, or rms acceleration output signals.

Indicator and alarm modules feature adjustable time delays to eliminate false alarm trips due to momentary vibration upsets.

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