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Vibration control for 4 to 8 channel system

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Thermo Fisher Scientific together with LMS have introduced a new LMS Test.Lab Vibration Control solution, offering a 4 to 8 channel system for closed loop vibration control testing.

The LMS Test.Lab Vibration Control system allows test engineers to qualify whether a product is fit for normal to extreme operating conditions, or to validate if the test item will survive rough transport conditions.

The new solution supports endurance testing, online damage monitoring and trend analysis.

With the LMS Test.Lab Vibration Control system, test engineers can qualify the usage of their products under a wide variety of usage and transportation circumstances and measure its performance over the expected lifetime.

The new system offers a complete solution to perform these vibration control tests and supports random, shock, sine and combined test modes.

LMS Test.Lab Vibration Control also includes an integrated support of all common standards for vibration qualification testing, like the MIL STD 810, GAM EG-13 or IEC standards.

The system offers a high degree of flexibility in setup definition to support non-standard specifications, allowing the use of more complex test profiles derived from field data using test tailoring.

The system also supports safe, accurate and fast reproduction of the target reference spectra on a shaker installation, using 4 to 8 control channels.

LMS Test.Lab Vibration Control is designed for maximum productivity, guiding the user through the complete test process from setup to final report.

The easy-to use, native MS Windows software requires little training and allows operators to automate very long duration tests with full security.

The workflow-based user interface of LMS Test.Lab assists the user throughout the test. LMS Test.Lab guides the user through the steps of defining the setup, validating the hardware instrumentation, productively monitoring the test execution and reporting the results.

The system includes a full LMS Test.Lab solution for vibration control testing and a 4 to 8 channel LMS SCADAS III front end for shaker control and data acquisition during testing.

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