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Shock detector for shipment monitoring

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Thermo Fisher Scientific  has introduced a new, solid state, electronic shock timer. This low cost, patented monitoring device is an electronic, self-contained, battery operated, shock detector with time stamp.

Once installed and activated by the user, the shock timer measures bi-axial shocks and impacts on the surface plane (product or shipping container) to which it is mounted.

If any shocks occur that exceed the trip level for the shock timer, then the clock stops, freezing the time point. This provides solid documentation of when excessive handling occurred and may correlate to in-transit damage.

This information may also be used to assign liability for in-transit damage and possible evidence in legal claims against carriers for in-transit damage.

It can also be useful in identifying how or why rough handling took place, and lead to corrective actions to reduce damage in the future.

Other low cost shock indicators provide no date/time information. Accordingly it is difficult to use these indicators to assign liability and make it stick. The new Shock Timer provides the time information needed to know when, where, and who was responsible!

Applications include:

* Shipment monitoring of packages, pallets, containers, trucks, railcars, loose cargo, air-freight, missiles, ordnance, sensitive military and aerospace electronics, avionics, computers, servers, telecom equipment, machine tools, photo-lithographic equipment, delicate medical instruments or laboratory instruments, glass and porcelain.

Features include:

* Acts as a deterrent to rough handling.

* Useful as a "Go" and "No Go" indicator for product acceptance.

* Low cost makes large scale statistical sampling of distribution channels affordable.

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