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THE MCX-II, a portable documenting calibrator, is a successor to the Druck MCX and virtually a calibration workshop in a single instrument with more than 90 input/output ranges for pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency parameters.

Available from Davidson Measurement , the battery powered MCX-II utilises the rugged MCX style packaging with rotatable control panel containing a simplified dual menu display and keypad.

It is designed for ease of use and reliable long term service, even in remote and hostile field locations.

Self-contained and battery-powered, the MCX-II substantially reduces instrumentation maintenance costs and practically eliminates manual field calibration errors.

For example, a thermocouple transmitter calibration takes just 5 minutes, with the MCX-II automatically generating and documenting ISO9000 quality compliant procedures and results.

Replacing several conventional test instruments, the MCX-II also features a 1MB PCMCIA memory card in addition to the RS232 interface.

This provides highly flexible data storage: by simply exchanging PCMCIA cards, the MCX-II can remain permanently in the field, minimising the cost and inconvenience of downtime.

Also available for the MCX-II is an integral HART communicator card, which simplifies the digital field calibration of Smart transmitters.

The conventional, separate hand-held communicator is no longer necessary for sensor and analogue trimming and a fully documented "Smart" calibration can be implemented in less than 10 minutes.

Input/output parameters include mA, mV, V, T/C's, RTDs, pressure, ohms, frequency and switch state. Typical accuracy is ±0.01% reading ±0.003% F.S. for mA measurements and ±0.05% reading for pressure measurement.

Internal, external and manual cold junction temperature compensation facilities are supplied as standard.

Druck's own PC based calibration software complements use of the MCX-II to provide a total, quality compliant management solution.

Linkpak-W and Intecal-W are Windows-based application packages, which can be used with a wide range of documenting calibrators.

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