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Thermo Fisher Scientific Pimento highly portable analyser is easy to use at home, in the lab or in the field.

Pimento can handle most tasks in general data acquisition and DSP, rotating machinery, structural analysis and acoustics, including sound power and sound intensity measurements.

Pimento is easily expandable up to 24 channels and its results are compatible with the LMS systems in use at most Fortune 500 companies today.

Pimento represents a complete solution, suitable for users who simply want to take an analyser off the shelf, switch it on, start measuring and quickly produce a report.

To be able to handle any sound and vibration task, Pimento packs up to 24 channels, all with 24-bit ADCs to obtain measurements of the highest quality.

Pimento also offers up to 40kHz bandwidth per channel (MSP424 module) and over 1 megasample/s in sustained data throughput as well as a 24-bit DAC to excite a structure and a dedicated hardware tacho input to track rotating machinery.

The device weighs less than 5kg fully loaded and footprinting the same surface as a laptop.

Designed to survive the rigors of life in the field - and able to run from ac, dc or its own internal battery - Pimento is ideal for professionals on the move!

Pimento offers native multichannel data acquisition, powerful real-time signal processing and extensive analysis functions.

Password protection guarantees that settings cannot be changed by users and results are always processed and reported in the same way - exactly as defined.

Online displays range from straightforward channel underload/overload indicators to a variety of trace and colour map combinations.

Comprehensive data validation and test feedback tools help correct spurious readings from a rogue transducer and allow refinement of the test while it is still in progress.

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