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OROS, manufacturer of PC-based noise and vibration analysers has introduced a new concept of portable instruments the OR38 Meta-Analyser, now available from Davidson Measurement .

The OR38 represents a technological step forward in the field of portable noise and vibration instrumentation.

It is an all-in-one powerful multi-analyser, data recorder, and acquisition front-end.

With OR38 extending the OR24 and OR25 PC-Pack II range of products, it is now possible to process simultaneously several analysis modes at full throttle and record data on the internal disk in parallel.

The OR38 reduces analysis process duration and optimises the global test period with increased traceability via parallel time data throughput.

The analyser features:

· 24 bit, 40kHz, 32 input channels with 120dB dynamic.

· A fully scalable DSP based processing power.

· Real-time multi-analysis on 32 channels (100 FFTs at 20 kHz guaranteed).

· A rugged, portable unit with direct ac/dc and internal battery.

· Fast Ethernet connection to any PC.

· Stand alone hardware operation when disconnected from the PC.

· 20GB minimum internal disk.

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