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Liquid level, interface and temperature measurement

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LEVEL Plus M-Series liquid level gauges from Thermo Fisher Scientific offer the flexibility to meet most process applications conditions. M-Series gauges are modular in design, offering a selection of electronics housing styles, sensor pipe styles and construction materials.

The M-Series gauge features a flexible, removable sensing element. At any time, the sensor element and electronics housing may be removed from the sensor pipe without disturbing the process operation.

HART communication allows the M-Series gauge to indicate and display all three measurement variables simultaneously. Set-up, calibration, and diagnostics are available from any point in the loop using a standard HART hand-held terminal.

An optional on-board display and keypad is also provided for local indication and programming. The M-Series gauges can incorporate an RTD for spot temperature measurement.

Rigid gauges are available in lengths up to 25 feet and flexible gauges are available up to 40 feet in length.

All Level Plus gauges are magnetostrictive technology and have only one moving part - the float. This simple design ensures no scheduled maintenance or recalibration will be required.

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